Fire Service

In the earlier days of Northwest Hillsborough (circa 1960s and 1970s), the closest fire service came from Armsdale Fire Association, an independent company sanctioned by the county. Armsdale Fire Association was located at Kirby Street and Himes Avenue (south of Waters Avenue) and was willing to cover “Carrollwood.” They boasted two 1,000-gallon tankers, two 500-gallon

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Legendary Luminaries

In the mid 1960s, Grace Allen (the wife of the first president of the University of South Florida and Original Carrollwood resident) had read about a southwestern Christmas Eve tradition of lighting candles placed in sand-filled paper bags called luminarias. She made a sample and suggested to the Carrollwood Civic Association that all the homes

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50th Anniversary

The 50th Celebration weekend was a spectacular event that will be talked about for years to come! The three-day extravaganza attracted over 3,000 people from Original Carrollwood. The diverse activities were enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. The weekend got off on the right ‘’note’’ as throngs of residents made their way down

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40th Anniversary

November 1999. Many residents and some who returned to town just for the celebration enjoyed a walk down memory lane during the 40th anniversary celebration of Carrollwood. A collection of newspaper clippings, pictures, renderings, and memorabilia were displayed for all to enjoy along with cake and punch at the Rec Center gathering. Developer Matt Jetton

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25th Anniversary

In November 1984 the community gathered to reminisce about the first twenty-five years of living the good life in Carrollwood. Raising children, building houses, surviving a tornado and proudly contributing to making northwest Hillsborough what it is today were just some of the conversations shared. Volunteers included Jim Weiss, Ed Cohen, Tony Zaitz, Karlene Rowe,

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Editor’s Note: Lula Dovi is a long time resident of Original Carrollwood. She still resides on Lacewood Road.Over the years she has been a writer, editor, correspondent, teacher, mother, tennis player and much more. Almost 40 years ago a huge twister cut a wide path through Original Carrollwood. Here’s what The Caroler reported on that


Matt Jetton

Matt Jetton (pronounced “jet-tawn”) achieved local and national fame in the late 1950s as the developer of Original Carrollwood. His company, Sunstate Builders, purchased 325+ acres of citrus nursery land just seven miles north of the city of Tampa with a vision of creating housing to relieve crowding in South Tampa. Although South Tampa residents

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Charles Carroll

Charles Carroll of Carrollton (his complete name) was born in 1737 into a wealthy Catholic family in Annapolis, Maryland. He began his education at the age of eight when he was sent to study in France. He eventually completed his work and returned to the United States at the age of 28. He visited the

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Lake Carroll

Did you know that Lake Carroll was not always known by that name? Some of the many names for the lake included Horse Pond, Horseshoe Lake, Sunset Lake, and Lake Brorein. Mrs. Catherine Cunningham, who grew up on the east side of the lake, told about some exchanges during and before her family’s many years

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Pirate Dance

The Pirate Dance has been a popular event over the years in Original Carrollwood dating back to 1963. Decked out in costumes, neighbors gathered to enjoy the festivities, and a Duke and a Duchess were named. Read more about the neighborhood fun below. 1963 … The first dance was held on Saturday night, Feb. 16th,

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