In the earlier days of Northwest Hillsborough (circa 1960s and 1970s), the closest fire service came from Armsdale Fire Association, an independent company sanctioned by the county. Armsdale Fire Association was located at Kirby Street and Himes Avenue (south of Waters Avenue) and was willing to cover “Carrollwood.”

They boasted two 1,000-gallon tankers, two 500-gallon tankers, and one emergency car with thirty firemen “standing by to answer your call.” They collected an annual fee of $5 per home, $2.50 per mobile home, $25 per large business, or $10 per small business. Non-members would be protected but were charged a $75 minimum plus time and materials. Eventually, Armsdale would be incorporated into Hillsborough County, renamed Armsdale Station #10, and moved to 8430 North Grady Avenue off Waters Avenue near North Dale Mabry. After many years, that same station was scheduled for its first renovation in 2005 (valued at $395,000) to the bunks, bath, office, and housing unit.

The north side of Original Carrollwood (Lake Carroll and Orange Grove drive to the north) is currently served by Fire Engine Company #19 located at 13201 North Dale Mabry Highway, just north of Fletcher Avenue. The south side is served by Station #10. County tax assessments on residence and business property cover fire service fees and much more.