The OC rec center contains two large rooms & meeting space. Tables & chairs are available for rent as well.


OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
ADDRESS: 3515 McFarland Rd.

• Large Room with Dance Floor: 2,118 sf with kitchen and dance floor (180 people max)
• Large Room without Dance Floor: 1,366 sf with kitchen using outside entrance (120 people max)
Meeting Room: 493 sf (30 people max)
• Table and chairs available at the Rec Center
• Two lavatories. Lavatories accessible from both inside and outside of the Rec Center; key required


Paved parking lot accommodates 50+ vehicles


Make reservations through the Rec Center office. Download Reservation Form


• Refer to the Room Rental Agreement Form.
• No dogs allowed at the Rec Center.
• Guest must be with a resident.